ZOLL® AED Plus® Defibrillator Unit – Fully Automatic

ZOLL® AED Plus® Defibrillator Unit – Fully Automatic


• Defibrillator Unit • ZOLL® AED Plus® • Fully Automatic • Features Real CPR Help® – A Unique CPR Feedback Tool • Easy-to-Place One-Piece Electrode CPR-D Padz™ • Lithium Batteries with 5 Year Battery Life • Rugged Design Resists Dust & Water • Automatic Self-Testing



ZOLL® AED Plus® Defibrillator Unit – Fully Automatic. Supplied complete with batteries, accessories, carry case and electrode pads. When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will need a shock. But all will require cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). You need an automated external defibrillator (AED) that helps you all the time. The ZOLL® AED Plus® can actually see when you are doing CPR and help you do it well. The AED Plus features Real CPR Help®, a unique CPR feedback tool that is able to monitor CPR quality and provide real-time feedback for depth and rate of chest compression’s. Audio and visual prompts help you to rescue with a confidence and clarity unmatched by any other AED. Supports the entire chain of survival with easy-to-understand audio prompts and visual icons. Uses lithium batteries with 5 year battery life. Easy-to-place, one-piece electrode – CPR-D•padz™ 5 year shelf life. Rugged design that resists dust and water (IP55 rating). Intelligent paediatric capability with pedi•padz II® electrodes (available to purchase separately). Resuscitation Council (UK), European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines 2005 compliance. Automatic self-testing assures constant state of readiness.

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